The Healthiest and delicious Breads ,Pastries and Japanese food in the Philippines

​Patisserie Kyo's Japanese cakes and breads -
​ made by an artisanal confectioner from Kyoto- are nothing like the ordinary pastries available in the Philippines.
​We take pride in our healthy, all natural and low-calorie Japanese cakes and breads that everyone can enjoy without concern or guilt. ​​

​​All our products are
​made with
quality ingredients ,
​​free of preservatives,
​​no additives

​​    We provide only freshly baked cakes ,breads ,food and ingredients
​to ensure the very best quality.
​ Patisserie Kyo is dedicated to supporting healthy and delicious lifestyles of everyone residing in the Philippines.

We take orders for Catering, Birthday Cakes and Bento Boxes!
​Please contact us at 0917-888-9837、09369014145,(until 7 pm),027798705 shopping)​

​​​We look forward to serving you. ​

​Thank you.



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Patisserie Kyo のパンは、火曜日限定でSalcedo Village内Tiffany Building 1階の"The Market" でも、お買い求め頂けます。