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Pick anything you like from our menu page! Please sendP us a email or contact us at +6329178889837 /, and we'll give you a quotation asap. If you have requests, please let us know. We'll try to accommodate you as much as possible. 
Patisserie Kyo Catering 
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If you wish to leave the selection to us, we will put together the best selection of sweets and breads of the season! We will also add on sweets and pastries that are not on the menu. We assure you a memorable sweets experience! 
Japanese catering

Patisserie Kyo also caters Japanese Dishes! If you are planning a party or a family get together, let us know! We'll put together a great catering menu that includes authentic Japanese Food, Sweets and Breads! ​​

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Sample Afternoon Tea Catering (min 10pax)

Green tea Roll Cake
Grape Fruit Jelly
Strawberry Shortcake
Patisserie Kyo Original Sandwiches
Japanese Creamy Pudding
Mont Blanc Cake ​​
Coffee or Tea ​